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At Pathfinder Life Coach, we believe that everyone has the ability to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. We are here to help you unlock your potential and create the life you desire. Our mission is to provide personalized services that help you set and reach your goals, make positive changes in your life, and increase your overall well being.

We understand that life can often feel overwhelming and that it can be difficult to find the motivation to take the steps necessary to create the life you want. That is why an experienced life coach will be here to help. We will provide you with personalized strategies, tools, and guidance that will help you reach your goals, develop the skills and habits needed to achieve success, and create lasting change in your life.

We believe that life coaching goes beyond just providing advice. A coach will not only help you to identify and set goals, but will also support and motivate you to take action. We will help you to create a plan of action, break down large goals into achievable steps, and provide ongoing accountability.

At Your Pathfinder Life Coach, We are committed to helping you create the life you desire. We believe that with the right guidance and support, you can create a life that is full of joy, purpose, and meaning. We look forward to being your Pathfinders and helping you to reach your goals.

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Rochelly Serrano

Expert In: LeadershipWorking CollaborativelyHelping You

My name is Rochelly Serrano and I have over 33 years of leadership experience in the manufacturing industry. My educational background includes a Masters of Science with a specialty on Global Quality and Food Safety. My expertise lies in ensuring that companies, products, and services meet their highest quality standards.

My expertise lies in ensuring companies, products, and services meet the highest quality standards. I am a strong leader and communicator, with the ability to work collaboratively with cross functional teams. I have excellent problem-solving skills, and a passion for ensuring services exceed quality standards. I am a no-nonsense type of person who is driven by results and focuses on finding the passion in individuals.

With a focus in establishing a robust quality culture that fosters trust in people’s abilities and empowerment. Striving to make people feel seen and heard, while managing with empathy has resulted in excellent results. I am an expert in breaking large tasks into digestible segments and believe in holding people accountable. I strive to create a quality culture that trusts people’s abilities and empowers them. I strive to make people feel seen and heard, and manage with empathy and emotional intelligence.

In this juncture in life, I am utilizing all of my tools and learnings, throughout my professional life and transferring this knowledge in assisting others in reaching their most authentic selves.

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our clients

“Game Changer”

Rochelly has been a truly remarkable resource during times of my soul-searching and became a reliable partner in my career explorations. The fact that she understands the unique challenges of food safety and quality makes our conversations that much deeper and more meaningful. But the biggest gift Rochelly gave me to date is her ability to calmly challenge me and provoke deep self-reflection and self-improvement work. I appreciate the soft guidance she gives me especially when I feel like I am lost. To have a partner like Rochelly has been a game changer during difficult times. Thank you for your patience and guidance! 

Vera P.

“Extremely Knowledgeable!”

When you work with Rochelly, she is fully invested in your journey.

She uses her knowledge and years
of experience in industry and life to help guide you through the problem-solving process.

She was able to help me jump-start a large project that was stalled out for two years. For that, I will always be
thankful to her.

Mark B.

“Everything You want In A Life Coach”

I’ve known Rochelly for many years. She was a co-worker, and then she was promoted as my leader. She has always been a mentor to me and someone whom I would call family. Rochelly is transparent, honest, witty, compassionate, insightful, and intuitive — everything you want in a life coach and in a friend.
Rochelly takes her professional talents and applies them to her coaching. She gets to the root cause of an issue or a barrier by asking questions and digging deep. She doesn’t have the answers to all of my problems, but she knows that I have the answers and pushes me until those answers are surfaced. She knows my challenges and keeps tabs on my progress. 
When I learned that Rochelly was accepting clients, I jumped on the chance to become one of her clients. This opportunity came at the right time for me. Having known Rochelly for years, both professionally and personally, I knew she could help me break out of my rut. I look forward to our calls, knowing that even minor tweaks can be major breakthroughs. Rochelly can support you in the results you want. 

Michelle W.

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